Chardonnay Cantina Belcredi Oltrepò Pavese Podere Bergamasco
Chardonnay Pod. Bergamasco I.G.T. Petillant
January 17, 2019
Pinot Nero Rosè Podere San Martino D.O.C.
Pinot Rosè Pod. San Martino I.G.T. Petillant
January 30, 2019
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Chardonnay Pod. San Martino D.O.C Still Wine

It’s a varietal wine made from Chardonnay, an international variety planted in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese area, where it produces its characteristic elegance.


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Grape Blend

100% Chardonnay

Minimum Alcohol Content


Minimum Total Acidity

4,5 g/l

Minimum Dry Extract

15 g/l


Still Wine


A medium intensity green lemon colour


Clean with a pronounced intensity, sweet floral aroma.


Full body, silky with characteristic mixed-flower honey aroma.


8-10° C

Food Pairing

White meat, vegetable risotto, fried fish