The Belcredi Estates

The Belcredi Winery was established in 1906, in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese area, among great names linked to the deep love for the land and its products. It is made up of the San Martino and Bergamasco Estates in the municipality of Montù Beccaria.
The San Martino Estate lies at an altitude ranging from 250 and 300 metres with a southeast aspect; this is the production area where Croatina, Barbera Uva Rara, Riesling, Cortese, Moscato, Pinot Gris Chardonnay, Pinot Noir grapes are grown which are the sources for the wines of Podere San Martino, for the sparkling wines martinotti and traditional method and the dessert wines including the iconic Sangue di Giuda.
The Bergamasco Estate lies at an altitude ranging from 270 to 300 metres with a southwest aspect; from this area come the Barbera, Croatina, Riesling Italico, Chardonnay e Pinot Gris grapes to produce the wines of Podere Bergmasco line and the varietal wines


The Belcredi Cellar

We take care of all the winemaking steps from the fermentation to the bottling within the our cellar.

Winemaking department

Our grapes are fermented in a traditional way, exploiting the natural extraction capacity of the musts with gentle movement of the pomace and long maceration, depending on the variety and ripeness of the grapes.

Deposit and Storage Department

For storing batches of products of various classifications attending for bottling. The wines rest in temperature-controlled tanks.

Traditional Method and Gran Cru Room

For making classic and high-quality sparkling wines.

Bottling department

The modern bottling equipment allows us to control the perfect execution of bottling phase and the careful and distinguished packaging of our bottles.

Tasting Room

This is the jewel in the crown of our winery, in an elegant and spacious environment. The tasting room is available to anyone who would like to organise events with friends or for business, but above all, enjoying good wine.